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            地點:美國 發布時間:2019-05-14 19:22:01
            Postdoctoral positions are immediately available in Dr. Zhenjia Wang laboratory in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Washington State University. The laboratory is focused on designing and generating therapeutic nanoparticles used to treat inflammatory diseases and cancers. We are looking for a highly motivated individual interested in conducting research within the scope of the laboratory. The selected candidate is expected to work on existing projects as well as to develop new directions. The work will require to master a broad spectrum of skills from fluorescence microscopy, biomaterials and polymer chemistry. The PI’s philosophy is to encourage independent work, stimulate creativity and provide guidance for further career development. Applicant must have a PhD degree in cell biology, pharmacology, bioengineering, polymer chemistry or relevant field. Interested candidates should send a CV, personal statement and names of three references to: 
            Zhenjia Wang, PhD 
            Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
            College of Pharmacy 
            Washington State University 
            Spokane, WA 99210 
            Email: Zhenjia.wang@wsu.edu