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            地點:廣東 發布時間:2019-01-15 17:08:11
            深圳大學招聘Genome Stability & Disease雜志編輯(技術崗)
            如果你鐘愛生物醫學科學并喜歡閱讀論文,但覺得實驗室工作并不是你想要的,你可能就是我們想要的、加入新期刊Genome Instability&Disease(GID)編輯團隊的人。 
            GID是深圳大學醫學部和意大利米蘭Fondazione Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare(IFOM)的官方出版物,由Springer Nature集團出版。該雜志將于2019年1月上線,將發表關于基因組穩定性維持和基因組不穩定性相關人類疾病的分子機制和治療應用的高質量、同行評審的原創研究論文,綜述、簡短通信和評論文章。GID將特別關注基因組穩定性調控機制的新數據,包括表觀遺傳和翻譯后修飾, DNA損傷應答及其遺傳性突變與遺傳性疾病、神經退行性疾病、癌癥和衰老的關聯。 
            ♦ 生物醫學或醫學科學博士,具有DNA修復,基因組生物學,基因組穩定性及其相關疾病或相關領域的專業知識 
            ♦ 至少2年的博士后研究經驗 
            ♦ 對科學研究具有廣泛的興趣,無論是在你的專業內外 
            ♦ 良好的溝通和人際交往能力,能流利使用英語(書面和口語) 
            ♦ 能夠閱讀并評估從該學科的不同領域提交給期刊的研究稿件的新穎性、背景和影響 
            ♦ 具有熟練運用計算機處理英文稿件和圖表的能力;能夠熟練運用網絡并對信息進行分析 
            ♦ 能夠經常出差并與世界各地的科學家會面,了解他們的研究并爭取稿源 
            ♦ 高級職位的候選人需要具有編輯經驗 
            獲聘者將向主編和執行主編報告和負責,在幫助主編塑造期刊未來方向發揮重要作用。他們將處理原創研究論文、綜述、簡短通信和評論文章,并與編輯過程的各個方面密切合作,包括選稿和監督同行評審。根據專家建議,向主編推薦合理的編輯決策。他們將與Springer Nature家族其他期刊的編輯以及國際科學界的其他專家進行廣泛的聯絡。 
            An editor position for Genome Stability & Disease (GID) at Shenzhen University 
            If you love biomedical science and enjoy evaluating manuscripts but are ready for a career away from the bench, you could be the person we’re looking for to join the editorial team of the newly established journal, Genome Instability & Disease (GID), published by Springer Nature. 
            GID is an official publication of the Shenzhen University Health Science Center in China and the Fondazione Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare (IFOM) in Milan, Italy. It publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original research papers, short communications, and review articles on the molecular mechanisms underlying genome stability maintenance and human diseases associated with genome instability and the relevant therapeutic applications. In particular, GID publishes novel data regarding the regulatory mechanisms of genome stability, including epigenetic and post-translational modifications, and the DNA damage response and its association with the inheritance of mutations that contribute to genetic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and ageing. 
            To be considered for the position, you must have: 
            ♦ A PhD in the biomedical or medical sciences, with expertise in DNA repair, genome biology, genome stability and its associated diseases, or related areas. Some postdoctoral research experience is desirable. 
            ♦ A breadth of interest in scientific research, both within and beyond your specialty. 
            ♦ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be fluent in English (both written and spoken). 
            ♦ The ability to read and assess the novelty, context and implications of research submitted to the journal from the different areas of this discipline. 
            ♦ Be eager to travel and meet scientists worldwide, learn more about them and their research, and help them learn more about us and what we are looking for in the papers we seek to publish. 
            ♦ Please note that previous editorial experience at a professional journal is required for candidates seeking a Senior position. 
            The successful candidate will report to the Chief Editors, and have an important role in helping the chiefs shape the future of the journal. They will handle original research papers, and work closely with other editors on all aspects of the editorial process, including manuscript selection and overseeing peer review. The ability to recommend well-reasoned editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts in the light of expert advice is crucial. They will liaise extensively with editors at other journals in the Springer Nature family, and other experts in the international scientific community. 
            This is a full-time permanent position, located in Shenzhen, China. You will be provided with an internationally highly competitive salary package and, potentially, a generous tax-free housing subsidy from the Shenzhen Municipal Government through the Peacock Program. Applicants should send a CV, a brief cover letter explaining their interest in the position and in the journal to Ms. Xu at xuyaqing@szu.edu.cn. Short-listed candidates will be expected to provide the names of three referees, be available for a interview, and complete a short editing evaluation.